GW2 Go Wild With The Primal Warden Appearance Package

Time: 2019-11-06

Primal Warden Appearance Package
This value package contains a Primal Warden Outfit, Great Lodge Chair, five Norn Dye Kits, and a Total Makeover Kit (items also sold separately). It also includes an Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice, which you can use to select an exclusive weapon skin.
Primal Warden Outfit
The forests and jungles of Tyria are bursting with life—and you'll be bursting with style when you put on the Primal Warden Outfit. Whether you want to blend in with the forest around you or terrify your enemy, you look fierce.
Great Lodge Chair
GW2 Go Wild With The Primal Warden Appearance Package
After a great hunt, there's nothing like gathering round the fire and sharing tales of glory. Kick back in a chair fit for a legend! Crowned with antlers, it features a luxurious fur throw and a regal wolf to keep you company.
Norn Dye Kit
Each kit contains a random dye from a pool of twenty-five legendary colors, including six new exclusive colors: Havroun, Spirits, Exodus, Legend, Hunt, and Alemoot.
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