Affiliate Program

Terms of Use
In order to provide better servcie for advanced customers, we launched a brand-new affiliate program. Customers with considerable social influence are welcomed to join our affiliate program to earn commission by promoting our site. Your commission ratio can be upgraded up to 10%. You can check your own customers' order state in affiliate home page.

Read carefully the Terms of Use before registering our affiliate program, all conditions and cautions are mentioned. If you have questions about this service, please contact our online support. All members are allowed to share their affiliate link to public forums, comment areas, or their own social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or blogs. The essence of the affiliate program is a bilateral beneficial platform, aimed at promoting our products while providing commissions for our members.

How to Use
1. Register - Provide all necessary information to sign up our affiliate program. We promise the safety for your private information.
2. Get Link - In user page, you can select game/product to get an affiliate link(in form of "". Share this link to public or your fandom.
3. Commission - Once an order completed through your link, you can get 5% commission of the order value. You can withdraw balance to your PayPal/Skrill account or use it as cash to buy products from our site as well.
4. Level Up - Your affiliate program account can level up to Diamond to enjoy 10% commission with 8% coupon.