Without Battleborn, Borderlands 3 wouldn't be as good as it is now

Time: 2019-08-13

Gearbox software is currently working to bring Borderlands 3 to release in September - this is the studio's previous decade after the 2009 Borderlands 2 series. During that time, the studio dedicated to the fateful multiplayer game Battleborn - a hero shooter was covered by a similar watchman. The development of Battleborn ended in 2017, but its legacy continues to exist - as Art Director Scott Kester said, if not for combat, then Borderlands 3 "will not be as good as it is now."
According to Kester’s interview with Metro, the Gearbox team felt “tired” after backing the Borderlands and its sequels back to back. The studio considered to do the border 3 immediately after two days, but the team "don't want to, we need to rest. Because if we don't have a break, I don't think we will do something good."
2K gave the Borderlands team the rest time they needed in the form of Battleborn. "We just want to reset our palette, we will try it." Thanks to this breakthrough, the team rejuvenated and tried to try Borderlands 3.
"If we didn't make that game, then Borderlands 3 wouldn't be as good as it is now," Kester explained. “It makes us think a little differently.” When the team went directly from Battleborn to Borderlands 3, there is now more motivation to do this correctly, not just to retire another sequel. "For us, this is not about, ' hammer out, hammer it out! Let's punch it out, let's make it out!" Just like, 'Let's do the right thing. Let us be there, then we will spend time'. "
With Gearbox taking the time to make Borderlands 3 as good as possible, it is now the biggest game ever in the studio. "We invested a lot of rubbish in this game," Kester added. "This is great. It is much more than what we put into anything else."
In addition, there are many DLC programs for Borderlands 3, so the content won't end with the release of the game. As we have previously known, DLC may not include any new Vault Hunters. If Borderlands 3 performs as well as it does today, its success is attributed to the failure of Battenstein - even if it is just for the team to take a break.

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