How to Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG in the Division 2

Time: 2019-07-17

Chatterbox Exotic SMG is one of the rarest weapons in the Division 2, which offers insane close range damage. Do you want to put this cool and powerful weapon into your pocket? If your answer is yes, then follow this guide on How to Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG in the Division 2.

Chatterbox Exotic SMG desirable effects:
·Incessant Chatter: Each shot landed with the weapon grants a 1% rate of fire increase. This increase is capped at 60%, and it resets when the weapon is reloaded.
·Box Mag: Killing an opponent with the weapon refills 20% of the magazine. Kills also grant a 10 second buff, which causes each landed shot to increase the weapon’s magazine capacity by one. This is capped at 60, and eliminations with the buff active will refill the expanded magazine.
·Blabbermouth: When the weapon is holstered, reloading a gun within five seconds of a kill grants a 20% rate of fire increase for 10 seconds.
How to Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG?
1. Farm Hyena Keys
To get the Chatterbox SMG, you need to first open a whole lot of Hyena Caches. You need at least four Hyena Keys in order to get the four different Chatterbox parts. If you don’t have enough keys, head into the sewers anywhere in Washington DC and find Hyena Keys.
2. Grand Washington Hotel mission
You can find an Exotic piece in the Grand Washington Hotel mission. There’s a cache hidden in the toilet area under a sink. Another can be found just as you come out onto the roof to the right of the door.
3. Find the Creative Mag, Open Hyena Caches
The next item you need to find for the Chatterbox SMG is the Creative Mag. This particular item is believed to be only being able to be picked up from Hyena Caches in the Federal Triangle region. Unfortunately, there’s really only one Hyena Cache in this area, and it can be found in the parking garage of the Jefferson Trade Center mission.
4. Chatterbox blueprint
Finally, you need the actual Chatterbox blueprint. For this, you will need to be at World Tier 4 to unlock the Bank Headquarters mission’s Challenging Difficulty. Near the start of the mission, just before we reach the bank vault, there is a room that looks like the chairman’s office. On the left side of the room, there is a panel in the wall with a keypad next to it. Activate this to get an RFID card, and Manny Ortega will ponder over the comms as to what it opens. It’s vital you get this now, as the door will close behind you when you get too close to the bank vault and make acquiring the blueprint impossible.
That’s the guide for farming a Chatterbox Exotic SMG. If you want to unlock more powerful weapons, like The Division 2 Merciless rifle, Division 2 Sweet Dreams shotgun, Division 2 Pestilence LMG and so on, please pay attention to

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