How to Earn Exotic Weapons in the Division 2

Time: 2019-07-08

In the Division 2, there are 8 exotic weapons, including shotgun: Lullaby (not available anymore), assault rifle: Ruthless, SMG: Chatterbox, pistol: Liberty, shotgun: Sweet Dreams, assault rifle: Merciless, LMG: Pestilence and marksman rifle: Nemesis. Division 2 exotics are a higher tier than High-end, making them some of the absolute best guns in the game TD2. In the following, we will show you how to earn exotics weapons.

Division 2 Exotic assault rifle: Ruthless
Ruthless is exclusive pre-order bonus so if you don't get it when you reach the White House for the first time, you won't be getting at all.
Destiny 2 exotic SMG: Chatterbox
The Chatterbox Exotic SMG is a luck-based world drop; the Chatterbox has a chance of dropping whenever you open a faction-specific chest.
Division 2 exotic pistol: Liberty
You can earn exotic pistol: Liberty by simply completing the main story earns you one of the components. Liberty is the first talent for the gun of the same name, which deals an extra 100% damage to hostile electronics.
Division 2 exotic shotgun: Sweet Dreams
This shotgun is reportedly obtained by completing the Roosevelt Island Stronghold on Challenge difficulty. This is probably one of the harder challenges in the game, but completing it unlocks a powerful shotgun. If you have the Lullaby skin from the preorder bonus, you can reskin Sweet Dreams to make a more powerful Lullaby shotgun.
Division 2 exotic assault rifle: Merciless
Assault rifle: Merciless comes from a randomized drop. Players are encouraged to complete daily VIP missions and redo story missions on higher difficulties to increase their odds of getting the Merciless exotic rifle. The two missions that The Division 2 players seem to have the most luck with are the Bank Headquarters and Jefferson Trade Center.
Division 2 exotic LMG: Pestilence
LMG: Pestilence drops from Black Tusk landmark bosses in the Occupied Dark Zone. It’s so awful that Ubisoft has acknowledged how awful it is, and it will be receiving a bit more attention to improve it alongside other, exotic-wide changes.
Division 2 exotic marksman rifle: Nemesis
The first Division 2 Exotic sniper rifle comes from the Black Tusk faction and appears to be heavily modified with attachments, including laser sights, a suppressor, and a chonky scope. This Exotic sniper is available in World Tier 5, and its talents have been leaked.
These talents are very useful as they can give you an edge when in combat. Hope you can get all of them according to our Exotic Weapons' guide. Good Luck!

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