Play For Free While It's Online And Get Free DLC For Payday 2: The Text Adventure

Time: 2019-07-01

The latest Payday 2 promotion asks you to plan a successful heist that's a bit different from what you'd get in the main game.
Summer is upon us with all that it entails, from holidays to heat, and of course Steam sales and heisting. For the duration of the Steam Summer Sale, you can get up to 80% off on PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition! and 50% off on PAYDAY: The Heist!
Play for free while it's online and get free DLC for Payday 2: The Text Adventure
In addition to the hefty discounts on Steam, we wanted to do something for those of you who already own the PAYDAY games and might be hoping for something new. We proudly present:
PAYDAY: The Text Adventure.

Payday 2: The Text Adventure is a free browser game about Payday 2 staff gathering to prepare for bank work. You will make choices that will ultimately affect the end of the story, and will most likely affect what you unlock to complete the story.
This short story takes place in the early stages of a planned robbery, and you can steer the crew to glorious victory or painful defeat. It's a proper visual novel, short as it is, but one in which you can make some decisions about how to proceed. There are many different ways to choose, they will affect your ending.
The text adventure involves the crew collecting an important piece of intel before heading to the bank. In my playthrough I didn't actually end up doing a whole lot before hitting the successful completion screen – you'll still need to actually play Payday 2. If you are looking for Payday 2 Steam cd-key, then choose our best. Click here to enter the product details page.

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