EA Hopes to Bring Apex Legends to the Mobile Device

Time: 2019-05-09

The free-to-play battle Royale Apex Legends game was released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And it is announced that EA wants to Bring Apex Legends to the Mobile Device, in the following are some details.
Today, EA announced its quarterly earnings. As expected, Apex Legends has been hit hard. According to EA, the battle Royale game developed by Respawn "it is very easy to be the fastest growing franchise we have ever owned." However, surprisingly, EA says it wants to bring games from PCs and consoles to mobile platform. The company said in a conference call today: "We are conducting advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and the mobile space."

Unfortunately, this is all the information we have now. But obviously EA is looking to keep pace with Apex's biggest competitors, Fortnite and PUBG. Both games can be used on mobile phones, but they use different strategies. Fortnite has the same experience on all platforms, including mobile devices, while PUBG has a standalone version called PUBG Mobile. Both games were massive strikes; as of December last year, the mobile version of PUBG had as many players as Fortnite, at about $2 million.
Last month, Respawn said it plans to continually update the game through seasonal updates, "focusing on the quality of the content, not on the novelty or release speed." This is a report about the tense and extreme overtime work of Fortnite developer Epic, which is hard Confidence updates are fast. “We want to maintain our culture as a development team and avoid deflation that can lead to burnout or more seriousness,” said Apex executive producer Drew McCoy. It is impossible to know when Apex may happen and what form the mobile iteration will take. But it seems that EA is trying to keep the game early. “We are very excited about the future of Apex Legends,” the company said today.
EA might need the expansion. It revealed that its year-over-year profits dipped sharply in the first quarter of 2019 despite Apex's debut. That's not completely surprising. While EA's other big game of the season (Anthem) did sell well early on, it didn't really meet the company's expectations. Apex may have to pick up some of the financial slack, at least until other big games arrive. That is the main reason that EA wants to bring Apex Legends to the mobile.

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