Dead Rising 2 Cheats and Tips for Beginners

Time: 2019-07-11

Dead Rising 2 is an action-survival game developed by Blue Castle Games. It was released in 2010 and is the second part of the Dead Rising series. The Dead Rising 2 story took place five years after Dead Rising at a casino called Fortune City.

In the game, the player plays the rider Chuck Greene, who uses his life as a bet in exchange for a cure for his daughter in a city full of zombies. The biggest feature of this work is that there will be thousands of zombies on the same screen, and there will never be any slowdown. The details of these zombies are also very realistic. Because the number of zombies is extremely large, players must be good at using the environment, and almost all objects in the environment can be used as weapons. In the following, will list some tips, strategies, guide and cheats to help you to survive in Dead Rising 2.
Get PP or Die Tryin'
When you're starting out, forget about the story - you should concentrate on harvesting PP to level up. Let the timer run out for whichever case you're on and focus on rescuing survivors, killing zombies with Combo Weapons, defeating psychopaths and finding hidden environment bonuses. Then, when you're ready to tackle the story, start a new game and your current level and cash will carry over, making things a LOT easier.
Avoid Guns
Shoot them in the head. If ever there was a cardinal zombie rule, that's it. Unfortunately, that doesn't really carry in Dead Rising 2. Don't get us wrong; a head shot will put a zombie down for good, but when you're constantly surrounded on all sides you don't really have time to aim for those wily noggins do you? The truth is guns are fairly useless against the undead in Dead Rising 2. The space you waste on a handgun or sniper rifle would be much better spent on a nice machete or battle axe. Comparatively these are going to give you much more bang for your buck.
Make Money Fast
Play ranked Terror is Reality matches to rack up the in-game winnings. If you want to play with all the vehicles in the game, you’re gonna need a whole lot of cash. Destroying ATMs will net you $2500 a pop and I’ve heard that playing the $1000 slots with all three gambling magazines is a fantastic way to rack up a million.
Horde the Food
Certain places in town have a lot of food, while in others the food is scarce. When you find food, save at least one item in your inventory to use when you really need it. If you find yourself low on health, it can be difficult to find food before the zombies finish you off. Having the extra supply can mean the difference between life and death.
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