Must-know Tips of Dead Island

Time: 2019-07-11

Dead Island is an action game developed by Techland and released by Deep Silver. It was released on September 9, 2011. A zombie outbreak on a tropical island in Papua New Guinea, and the zombies have super physical and bloodthirsty instinct. As a member of the only remaining normal human race, players need to search for equipment and materials left by the predecessors and chase for a chance to escape from this place. If you want to escape the Dead Island successfully, you should grasp somecheats.

Using Medkits
Medkits of various sizes can be found from merchants, dead zombies, and some safe houses throughout the game. These medkits will not only heal yourself, but also your companions if their health is low enough. Simply press X when the heal prompt shows up instead of the "request trade" prompt. A good way to save on medkits is to have Xian Mei in your party. She has skills to boost the power of any medkit she uses, so giving her all of the medkits to heal the party will heal everyone up to 75% more effectively.
Health Recovery
You can restore a bit of your health by drinking numerous scattered energy drinks and eating snacks. These recovery items re-spawn over time. You can't stock up healing items, only medkits. It is a good habit to keep a lookout for these since you won't know when you'll need a quick drink to save your butt.
Use the Island
The game features different islands and each island comes with its own different natural traps. You must use these natural traps and hazards as much as you can as they can prove to be very helpful in battles. These could include explosive barrels, water, spike traps, etc. Use them to control huge waves or boss battles easily. They can really help you turn the battle in your favor.
Equip Responsibly
Make sure to have at least one bomb, one mine, and at least two heavy duty melee weapons equip at all times.  If you have these items at the ready you will be prepared for any situation that you encounter.  It can also help to have melee weapons available to throw at enemies, just make sure you’re not too attached to them as they can be lost if you die before recovering them.  They can also be lost if they glitch and get stuck in the ground, which happened to me a few times.
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