Seven Moments to get shocked about Fallout 4

Time: 2019-07-13

A game wants to get the player's approval, in addition to the high gameplay and playability, the game's story and details should also be recognized by the player, and Fallout 4 is such a game, it is free and  high playable. It also done very well in the details of the plot, and we want to talk about is the moment that the most shocking moments in the story of Fallout 4.

Before entering the refuge
Before entering the refuge, the player will pass the nuclear explosion. Although it is only the effect of the game, we can also feel its power, especially when it comes out of the refuge, everything around it becomes a mess. Imagine how terrible the power of nuclear explosions at the time.
First sight of Brotherhood of Steel airship
For the first time at the top of Hegerberg, I will see the Brotherhood of Steel airship, which is also the biggest flying machine in the game. The scene is really a bit shocking, and there are many flying bird helicopters around.

Captain Zhao’s Words
When we entered Yangtze, the first time I saw Captain Zhao, it was a lot of players who touched by his saying. He said: He wants to go back to the motherland, even if it is not there, he has to build it alone...
USS Constitution's takeoff
Next to Bunker Hill, there is a USS Constitution, there are several machines, they perform the last sailing mission, but when the flight is half, the ship is broken, and with the help of the player, finally let it fly, which makes us players Looking at it was also very fulfilling, but soon the spacecraft broke down and fell to another place.
First time into the glowing sea
When we first entered the glowing sea in the game, we may really realize how terrible nuclear weapons are. As the center of the explosion, the luminous sea is like a hell on earth. It radiates dust everywhere and emits radiation.
Kroger's memory
How do you get into Kroger's memory? It is not a shock to enter Kroger's memory. It is strangeness to the unknown, but when we understand its whole life through Kroger's memory, we will feel to a small shock.
First time useing mini bomba nuclear
Mini bomba nuclear is the most powerful explosive weapon in Fallout 4, and Bethesda Game Studios also made a lot of effort in making this weapon. There are not only mushroom clouds, but also many radiating dust effects. Most players use it for the first time. There will be a sense of shock.

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