The Surge 2 is Now Available on PC and Consoles

Time: 2019-09-27

The Surge 2, the sequel to 2017‘s The Surge, is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. 
Developed by Deck13 Interative and published by Focus Home Interactive, Surge 2 is the sequel to the 2017 surge. The Surge 2 takes the design of the first game and expands it significantly while keeping the core the same. Just two years later, Deck13 returned with an in-depth investigation of the city of Jericho, torn apart by a mysterious disease. Depending on how you fight, find some kind of truth through extensive maps, critical boss battles, and a whole bunch of evil enemies.
The Surge 2 is Now Available on PC and Consoles
The Surge's mechanics and gameplay are certainly inspired by Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but The Surge 2 does boast some highly unique mechanics which set it apart. 
When dark souls give the player a number of healing items between savepoints, Surge 2 gives the player a battery. When you fight an enemy, you can increase the battery power and then use it to activate part of the healing power. However, over time, the player's health dose will gradually decrease, which means that to maintain the healing effect, the player must risk death in battle. Fortunately, a player can save a small amount of healing money at any time.
Its main drawback seems to be a bland storyline, and as with many RPGS, character encounters are uninteresting.

The Surge 2 reviews are flooding in as the sci-fi shooter storms onto PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
The game's Metacritic scores currently ranging from 74/100 (PS4) to 87/100 (Xbox One). This matches up with most high-profile review sites, which have generally given it between 7-8/10. 
Here is a glance at the reviews for The Surge 2:
IGN: 7.6/10
PCGamer: 79/100
GamesRadar: 3.5/5
Gamespot: 8/10
Game Revolution: 1.5/5
Push Square: 6/10
It's important to note that The Surge 2 will have a new PC update in the near future that will address the performance issues currently plaguing the game.
If you're a fan of FromSoftware's classic tactics and techniques and a fan of the gory combat style, there's a good chance you'll like The Surge 2. If you haven't played The Surge, you can purchase The Surge Steam CD Key activation game on our website, which is a great deal for under $50.

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