Might & Magic Heroes VI Heroes Guide & Background Information

Time: 2019-06-18

The Making Background of Might & Magic Heroes VI
After the dissolution of UBISOFT and Nival of Might & Magic Heroes VI, Ubisoft re-find the partner Black Hole, while Fabrice Cambounet left the Heroes invincible project in the Eastern tribe, taking over Erwan Le Breton, who was responsible for the management of the background world. Later, he served as the producer of the Eastern Tribe, the heroic confrontation. So, Might & Magic Heroes VI was born five years and more than four months after the release of the heroic invincible five originals.

In the original plan, the original H6 will launch six races, but the college was removed from the plan when it was actually started. However, before and after the game was released, Ubisoft again terminated the cooperation with Black Hole due to budget overruns, followed by Germany. Limbic Entertainment took over the development of follow-up patches and DLC, and the game producer was also transformed from Erwan Le Breton into five generations of Gary Paulini. The expansion is produced by another company, Virtuos, Shanghai, China.
The Background of Might & Magic Heroes VI
Might & Magic Heroes VI follows the story of the previous generation, re-setting a new world of background. According to the timeline, the history of the world is divided into multiple eras.
In the first era, the mythological era, the cosmic egg gave birth to two dragons: The Dragon of Order, Asha, The Dragon of Chaos Urgash. The Dragon of Order created the world and made The Elemental Dragons born; The "Elder" mortal races were created to become the servants of The Elemental Dragons, and The Dragon of Chaos created the devil.
A full-scale war broke out between the original twins, and the war covered every aspect of the real world. The era of mythology is over. The Dragon of Chaos was defeated but not eliminated. He was imprisoned in the hot core of the planet, and his vast number of descendants was expelled from the real world. The Dragon of Order was severely weakened in the conflict; she hid herself on the moon, rested and healed.
Might and Magic Heroes VI Hero Abilities
Heroes of all factions have some set of abilities, each of them has its meaning, decides also about the way we play. Individual abilities affect not only hero's army abilities but also an available tactics - both on the world map and during battles.
For knights, obligatory abilities will be those influencing our units. A core should be: Defender, Charismatic Leadership, Destiny's Chosen and Assailant. During development they strengthen our army and hero himself, makes his blows more powerful. If we have spare experience points and the longer mission is planned, we can invest also in Reinforcements, Battle March (especially during sieges!), Ambush, Heroism and Toughness. If our choice is mage, we should at first take spells from light magic: Celestial armor, Heal, Retribution Aura and Blindness. But what are wizards without prime magic? Investing in Arcane Ward, Arcane Exalation, haste and time stasis made battlefield our sandbox, in which we'll dictate rules.
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